Dreaming of...

I have been dying for the rain to end so I can get outside.
My little gardens are in desperate need of weeding, and I am actually looking forward to doing it.  
I came a cross this beautiful garden sitting area and just wanted to share.
What I love most is the simple "x" trellis deer fence.
This led me to the slippery slope of Google and I somehow found myself in "London Gardens".
Maybe its because of the cool, gray climate I've been getting accustomed to, 
but they make it seem so damn cheerful and trellis packed.
I found myself wanting to make travel plans.
 The Garden Bed & Breakfast has some amazing spaces (above and below)...

And for those of you looking for a time suck check out London Perfect.
A site filled with rentals and some amazing spaces...

Since a vacation to London is  not in the cards I think I will channel that energy and money into a load of pea stone, some boxwoods and new gardening gloves. 
What are your weekend plans?


therelishedroost said...

Really gorgeous, want to sit out there with a good glass of wine and be lazy, or maybe coffee since its 730am!!

Happy Weekend!
The Relished Roost

Kim said...

I am in the mode as well ... I have dogs fighting me tooth and paw ... but got 14 boxwoods planted this past weekend along my walk!! I think only two are in real danger from the dog love they are receiving!

Ashley said...

I know gardens are a lot of work and require a lot of upkeep, but as a renter I am dying to have one! And who knew a utilitarian thing like a deer fence could be so great looking?

Bromeliad said...


I did nothing useful this weekend.


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