I am about to take one -a big one- and I am nervous. I have managed to escape for a night or two with my husband here and there, but since starting O'verlays I haven't "left". I always had my cell or computer nearby to check in. 

This is an official "Off The Grid" vacation as requested by my family. eeeek!  

So tomorrow at 5pm I am gone...until the following Sunday, 
where I am afraid to the pile of emails and spam I will come home to might eat me alive. 
 I hate technology
 (but I secretly f-ing love it)
 Damn you and your electrical magic-like heroine like qualities! 
 Ok. My rant is done.  This is much needed.

If you need me I will be sitting by a lake biting my nails and drinking heavily.
send smoke signals.


Angeline said...

o-o-O-O-O ="Enjoy!"

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

Cheers!!! Have a blast!

My Interior Life said...

You deserve a break, you hard worker, you! Enjoy!!

LindsB said...

Have a wonderful vacation- you totally deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

I think I see your smoke signals lol. Have a beautiful week, it's so deserved and we'll be waiting for the details when you get back!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I'm so jealous!
Have a great time.


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