Get Some!

Just wanted you to know, O'verlays on sale y'all...

I have missed you guys!  My kids are back in school.  FREEDOM!!!! 
I have been trying to catch up on EVERYTHING, but I way over-scheduled my first week thinking I was super woman or something like that.  Gonna take a few more days to muck it out.  
In the attempt to organize my thoughts I fancified the chalk board doors in my kitchen with some new 19" Anne O'verlays to make my chaos look neat. 
 (My work "To Do" list couldn't fit on the door, sadly.)   

 I promise I will be back with tons of new GST craziness and projects very shortly.

In the mean time please visit and shop the other half of my life. 
My kids need to eat, and they eat a lot.
We have a whole lotta newness going on...

been a bit obsessed with the Pippa Kits, testing them on everything. walls. cabinets. 

Double Greek Keys are in...

 and the Xandra has been getting stuck on lots of things too...
(man hands alert)

get em here
and use code YAYSCHOOL if you are enjoying your freedom.

peace out my cupcakes!


Kathleen said...

That's a great discount. I've been looking for something to function as a bar in the dining room. All I know is that I want the double greek key on the front in gold on a white cabinet. I'm just not sure what to use as the cabinet! Maybe I can hustle and figure it out so I can take advantage of the discount!

Glad you'll be back to posting soon. I miss all your updates. I just love your style!

Danika Herrick said...

Thanks Kathleen! So funny I just posted the Greek Key square mocked up on the IKEA Effektiv cabinet as a bar on Facebook. Check it out here:

I own an Effectiv and they have a good amount of space inside, and are a great height for a bar cabinet.

therelishedroost said...

Wow I love the Xandra!! Have to find a piece for them!!

Kathleen said...

I love the Greek key square mockup! However I think the Effektiv line is discontinued. It's no longer on the Ikea site.

Life On Planet Mum said...

I love what you did with the Pippa kits on the wall, just perfect for my dining room at the moment, will drop you an email about this! Thanks

Scott Davidson said...

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