Late Night Happenings

Ever have one of those moments were you start cleaning off your desk, and next thing you know the entire room is ripped apart and rearranged?  When it just feels easier to start fresh than actually make sense of what is going on in front of you?
Well I did. 
It entailed throwing a queen size mattress down the stairs and 
dragging a sofa bed up to my office. 

Remember my office /guest room?
It had a bed in it?
(room was also brown- that changed last cleaning episode)

Well that bed was a no-good catch all from hell.  
It attracted piles.  It was always a mess. 
And we have only had 2-3 guests sleep in it since I put that room together.

I am also ALWAYS in my office, and it bugged me that
1/3 of the room was taken up by an underused bed.

So I swapped out the sofa bed from the kids playroom, put it in my office and rearranged its face off. 
It is still a mess and unorganized, and I see a lot of little tweaks,
 but I now have both my desks side by side, 
I just spin in my chair. 

And I can close off one workspace if I want, and have invisible friends sit on the sofa and chat and drink cocktails from my invisible bar.
(Might need to actually make one visible, because that would fun to have. and dangerous.)

so that is what I will be up to this weekend. 
drinking and cleaning and organizing.

and I will be getting ready to paint my entry wall, so keep on voting.
Who-ha beware, agate is winning. 

Stay tuned.


Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

Um, I'm pretty sure that's now the most efficient room ever. I'm all about designing for the way you actually live. Amazing!

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Where do you find the energy? I feel tired just watching you! My husband made this same comment when I was struggling with my office/guest room combo. I'd use it more as an office than any guest would!

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

Such a more efficient use of space. The new paint color is also lighter and brighter! Loving the direction this is heading! Make a bar! Love that.

Little Lovables said...

OOO, pretty!!!

Katie Waddell said... I thought I was the only crazy person who did stuff like this every other week! We must be distantly related. ;) Looks great!

Dayka said...

lol at "invisible friends"! love the new setup & anxious to see that entryway. don't work too hard this weekend!


My Interior Life said...

Love it! And dang it, if I didn't just figure out what I could do with some O'verlays today. I just need to figure out which ones and if I'll need a custom size. My bedroom dresser is needing a serious makeover. It's bo-ring.

Janea said...

looks amazing!! Great work :D

Kat @ Me Simplified said...

So pretty. I love the new paint color. And that slipcover is awesome as well as the pink spotted pillows.

Fashion-isha said...

Amazing! Thanks for're inspiring me!

Bromeliad said...

Yes, I have torn apart rooms on a whim before. But I have not repained my foyer six times.


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