Painting like a hurricane...

I have been painting like a crazy person all weekend trying to get all my pieces done for the Furniture Bank event this Thursday.  I spray painted many brain cells away this weekend, literally... I have been slightly speech impaired saying Freudian slips like "this is going to be 'momental'" instead of 'momentous'.  My husband just snickered and said to my kids "yes, mom is mental". 

So here are some sneak peaks of before and 
"almost" afters of some of the pieces going in the room I am doing.
I will be posting the final room Friday.

The Agate Cube Table in progress.
Originally a 80's maple veneer table, 
its getting its base gilded and turning into a giant nugget of craziness:
 A lovely grey formica top office table with black based gets glossed and golden with some Greek Key O'verlays (pssst... we are running a sale until Halloween!)
Some pleather tan and hunter green piped wing backs got the royal paint treatment and a stencil up their backs and down their cushions.
I am still dying over the fact that they make a spray paint for vinyl! 
And it really works. 
It is awesome. Get it at Autozone.  
(They are in the process of a brand change from Rustoleum,
 but you can find it in their spray paint section.)

And a boring white shelf gets paint, paper and legs.

I have a bunch of other stuff to finish, but I will have agate how to's as well as a boatload of other stuff to share.  If you are near Boston please come out Thursday night to say hello and see the finished room. Its for a good cause, learn more here.

To all my East Coast folks, please stay safe during Sandy.  It is crazy here.  A bit unnerving watching the hype, and I just walked down the street and got splashed with this.  
Still not near high tide, but pretty cool! All schools in Massachusetts are closed today, & we are hunkered down, fireplace lit.  
I plan on gaining 5 lbs. since all I have been doing is EATING!  

Be safe!


My Interior Life said...

You are like a whirling dervish!! All of it is wonderful but that agate table has my jaw on the floor. Amazing! And please be safe during the Sandy craziness. We're all thinking of you!

Rachael said...

You have been super busy! Everything looks amazing. I can't wait to see it all finished. Be safe!


Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Holy f-ing cow! You aren't kidding! That's a ton of work and it all looks SO GOOODDDDDD! Can't wait to see more!

Much Love,

Heather Peterson said...

you are a genius.
It's not even the skillz that kill me, but the vision!


Sara {Sara's Closet} said...

I'm still dying over the agate table. It looks amazing, can't wait to see everything! :)

Kathleen said...

LOVE the agate table. Can't wait for the tutorial because it is just spectacular! I just saw a table like that on Craigs List. Gotta go get that table so I can make myself an agate table!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! that agate table is amazing! Good thing you weren't just sitting there waiting for my comment cause I was just sitting here staring at it. Just beautiful and I agree with Heather (above) you do have vision. Oh and the chairs also, beautiful!
Be safe, my prayers are with you and the rest of the East coast.

kayce hughes said...

Looks great!
I am about to spray some table legs gold and have bought a few to try. I want a vintage gold leaf look....any favorites?

Bromeliad said...

Looks great. I wish I had been that productive during the storm.

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

are you serious?? what incredible transformations!!

Danika Herrick said...

Thanks all! I will have a tutorial for sure after Friday if I don't collapse before then!
Kayce- I am a big fan of Rustoluem's Gold... Got mine at Home Depot-it the one in the white can with red squares behind the logo. It is the brightest/ most shiny like leaf of all the golds, it looks like real metal- you can then brush or dab on some duller "paint golds" in spots to tone it down if it is too shiny.

Hooper Patterson and Ann White Schutte said...

These are amazing! It is hard to pick my favorite piece. Blown away, truly.


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