Toe curling good

I have a kitchen floor full of grocery bags that need to be unpacked, but I thought sharing this was way more exciting.

I stopped in to Zimman's, my fave fabric store, this morning and found fabric holy grail goodness...
I have no idea who makes the painted fan fabric- the salvage has been cut off, but it sent my into a buying frenzy.
I only bought two yards (for $15.95 a yard, its fabric crack!!!) and the hoarder in my is screaming "go get more!".  I also grabbed a yard of Jonathan Adler's citron zigzag eye candy too.

It slightly reminds me in color and painterly feel of another fabric obsession I have.
Aomori by Kravet ($$$$)...
(been considering painting something like that in the entry)

I originally bought all this for my unfinished family room, but now that it is home it looks REAL good in my pale pink and citron office.

Maybe I will get more and make new curtains:

Or re-up this chair.

I have no idea when I plan on actually having time to do this- I have a filthy house, groceries to unpack, a pile of emails and quotes to do
 and the Christmas elves start their nightly visits tonight in our house 
and they are "a little behind schedule". 

It will have to be in done in manic spurts.

I also found a few other less exciting finds that I will share with you when they are finished 
(and are actually a bit more exciting to look at.) 

Check back with me later, and don't forget to enter my giveaway.
I am giving away 10 magazine subscriptions courtesy of Zinio to the mag of your choice
 (international decor mags too!) tomorrow at 8 am so get in on it here.


Laurie said...

Woo Hoo!! Love those fabrics - definitely worth going back for more.

Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

Amazing!!! Now just help me find a lux lavender velvet and we can both be happy ;)

Leah said...

whoa! not one that I recognize! love it in your office.

charmaine said...

I love it! I need it!

Chateau À Gogo said...

I love finding new fabrics. Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to find it in Nashville - Brandy

Katherine Martin said...

Those fabrics are amazeballs!


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