Here we go...

As promised, I have some pretty pictures for you.
(sorry there are actually A LOT of pictures)
I am still hammering out the details of this remodel, and let me tell you...
after years of making due and painting what I had, it is really overwhelming.  I have had so many ideas of what I would do to this place if we ever renovated,and now that the time is here
(way before I planned), I am a bit paralyzed with choices and my own indecision.
Does anybody make a divining rod for design choices?

I find myself leaning towards more traditional these days. Comfortable and unfussy.
I think I lived out my painted 60's pimp shack dream for the last 3 years,
so now I am ready for fresh, clean and uncomplicated.
Also, the man & I will be collaborating the design together, so it should be interesting.
Get ready for some "he said /she said, urinals abound & pink daggers to the eyes".

So here is what is certain for this remodel:

- Beach House Casual
-Seriously, urinals in every bath- so tired of sitting ON the bowl at 3 am!
-There is now an old Coke Machine on the premises getting worked into the design:
(seriously... Paul brought it home before Christmas)
as well as a basement full of cool old salvage and hoarded objects I want to sift through.

So here is my dream wish list for this project, as if budgets were no option:

#1 White Kitchen with Big Table

I think I am over saturated with color at the moment (SHOCKER!),
so I want to start with a clean white slate.
That means lots of white cabinets, trim and counters.  I will add color in with accents and fabric.
Unfortunately my floor space doesn't allow me much room for a big island, but that is OK...

but I'd gladly take this skinny minnie any day:

Right next to my open kitchen there is room for my jumbo DR table, so I am hoping to combine the two and make a little Windsor Smith action happen:

I have these three spaghetti pendants I am rewiring to go over the table:

and lots of windows in the kitchen,
lots of light...

#2 Millwork PLEASE
 Loads of beadboard, slatboard, moldings galore on ceilings and walls:
This 60's ranch has no crown molding, and any window and door molding is pretty insignificant.
I would love to add some & cover ceilings and a few walls with
 wide bead board to give this place character.

Love the idea of covering part of my fireplace wall and adding a real mantle:
We actually own (2) old  7' x 4' doors from our old carriage house and would 
love to incorporate them like this:
or this:

#3 Painted Floors

Yes! I got the "OK" to paint!
Eventually (this summer) hardwood will get added to the 
kitchen and dining area to blend with the rest of the open space.
No idea of what to do, but here are a few favorites I've pinned away for a reno day:

 #4 Outdoor Space:  
Fire Pits, Pea Stone and Raised Beds- enough said

 Front Door Options

I'd die...
Second Best Dream (minus the lake)

and finally, lots of raised beds.

Phew,  sorry for such a long post!

I think I have a lot of work ahead of me, and a budget that is going to probably crash my dream party.


Jenny B. said...

So excited for you! I love the painted floor picture with the white stripes and natural floor, I remember that picture and house (where is that from?) and I always thought that leaving big swatches of natural floor when painting the floor makes it so much more liveable, warm and grounding. Good luck on it all!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You know I think the planning/dreaming stage is my favorite part of any reno! Good luck with it all - I'm still in the throes of one myself - just takes time... and money! :). Happy new year!

therelishedroost said...

Go girl Go!!! I cannot wait to se this transformation!!
xo Karolyn

Katie Waddell said...

Can't.Freakin.Wait!!!!!!! :)

Dana Frieling said...

You're great at making dreams realities. Can't wait for you to share every single detail!

Unknown said...

It's so fun to dream and some of them just might come true! What a fun project and challenge! I wish you the best in 2013!
xo Nancy

s.i. michaels said...

Love how that first kitchen shot had clear chairs--perfect with that ultra-white interior.

& love all the painted floors, too. Herringbone patterns always get me.


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