My head is about ready to pop!   I really don't enjoy making decisions for myself when it comes to design, and suddenly I am bombarded with questions from electricians, contractors and my husband as to what goes where.  I have been so busy the past few weeks, that I haven't been able to give it my focus, so I am just making snap decisions and hoping I am right.  This is definitely one of the downsides to just jumping into a renovation without a real plan.  Truly "intuitive decorating".

One thing that I am contemplating is the area in front of our fireplace.  It is tight, (9' x 12') with doors or passageways on every side, so I am thinking maybe making it a cozy study area.  I would love to stick a desk out there and be able to work "outside" my office when I feel like it, and feeling more connected to everyone else.  I can always go hide in my regular office when things get loud or crazy. 
The light is also so nice out there. 

so here is a lil' montage of cozy work/study areas I am dreaming about

 these two aren't so little:

I also wanted to show you guys the miracle/updates that happened during BLIZZARD week/weekend!

It was a long crazy weekend, book-ended by two days off from school, so the kids though it pretty much rocked.  Have to agree with them.  The only time I appreciate the word "hunkering" is when it refers to parking myself next to a fireplace in a snowstorm with lots of supplies (magazines and wine).

This is what went down:

First off, the window miracle.
My house underwent a bit of cosmetic surgery and successfully received some new "enhancements".
This happened less than 24 hours hours before the blizzard...
it was cut wide open in 20 degree weather. my house was all "brrrrrr" and I was all "what happens if you guys can't get the windows in?" 

But they were superstars and finished by 7 pm.
(seriously, there is nothing like an impending blizzard to get shit done)

So, the area I am thinking for my desk is in front of the french doors.
What do you think?

Oh, and here was the before... 
house of big sliders
The rest of the house will be getting new windows in  a few days, 
so I will be wearing long underwear and ear muffs.

Things that get my husband real excited... this window... 
he unwrapped it, caressed it and I think he might have named it too.
It is sitting in our living room, and I pray the kid's don't break it.

Besides that nonsense, blizzard fun was had.
We sledded outdoors...

and indoors, 
we can call this one schlizzard fun ...

My sister and I taught our kid's how to floor slide on blankets at my parent's house.
Bourbon Old Fashioneds were involved,
 and my sister and I might need knee replacements sooner than we hoped.
Good times, and no one was injured that bad.


LindsB said...

I still cant believe you got all that done in less than 24 hours before Nemo! Your contractors/ husband/family is amazing!

My Interior Life said...

So glad your windows beat the blizzard! Looks like so much fun, although I know snow gets old after a while. But we never have any so I have snow envy. Cannot wait to see you work your magic. Love all your inspiration pics!!

Unknown said...

Its amazing that your contractors did the renovation quickly. Those doors Interior Glass Doors looks it can seal off the blizzard.

Ashley said...

I'm in awe of how fast this all happened! And based on your inspiration pics, the study feel you are after is going to be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

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obat aborsi said...
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