I apparently REALLY like this stuff...

because I have pinned, downloaded or saved these images more than twice.
Some more than thrice (embarrassing to admit).
I was cleaning up my desktop/ downloads folder this morning and found these familiar pretties stashed away.  I say familiar because I just pinned several AGAIN yesterday completely unaware that I had saved them before.
Amnesia,  paint fume damage,  visual overload dementia?
 I do it a lot, so it concerns me.

So here are some pattern crushes certified by a three-peat or more cyber save:

Connect the dots kind of...

 This one here is actually bikini fabric,
but I think it needs to cover more than just
nips and cha-chas.
My couch needs a bikini...

and Ashley Goldberg would probably be my girl crush since I have so many of here designs filed away in inspiration land.  This girl knows how to make a mean pattern.
Hey! Fabric houses! You need to give this girl a licensing deal! 
I'd buy her fabric for sure.
Check out her Flickr and her Etsy shop.

I also really love Laura and Kate Roebuck from Bowerbird too.
They make quite an appearance in images:

I can go on and on here, but I think I will spare you my pattern obsessions for now 
and continue it one day in Part 2.
From the looks of things. I am obviously having a splashy, twisted, tangled moment.
Hope you have one yourself. Happy weekend!


Hannah said...

Your couch most certainly needs a bikini.

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Katie Waddell said...

Couch bikini-LOL! Love Ashley Goldberg's work, I have a few small pieces of hers that I need to get framed...thanks for reminding me! ;)

Erica Cook said...

Love it all...and yes, the threepeat pins are a sign. Happy Friday! xo

Unknown said...

WOW! I love all of these!!!

I would love prints!

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