Four Years ago...

I started this here blog!  
I can't believe its been that long- thats like high school long.  I was hoping to have an awesome anniversary post for you with lots of witty stuff to say with montages and rainbows, but I just experienced my first day back in society yesterday (both kids finally went back to school after their March Madness strep-virus-mononucleousis-Herrick Family leper colony party) and I had some massive errands that needed to be attended to.  

I just wanted to say a GIGANTIC thank you to all my readers.
It is because of you I come here and blab and DIY, and without you that would mean I was just a crazy lady talking to myself.  I have some big plans in store for this blog in the upcoming year, and I would love your feedback too.  What would you like to see more/less of? I am seriously up for anything. 

And thank you all for following me on the social media train wreck.  I have been a bit heavier on my FB and Instagram (@danikaherrick) postings this month because its just easier, and I still suck at tweeting, but thanks for continuing to follow me there too;)  

To show my love I have a little thank you code for 15% off O'verlays too...
use GST15 at check out
good until 3/31/13

So thanks again for being there, you guys are the best!


PS- My new color combo obsession:
loving citrus/grapefruit
more on that later


Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

Happy Blogiversary! And congrats on all your success. I love your no-holds-barred style to blogging, it's so refreshing! xox

lemondropdreams said...

WOW! Four years, that is crazy!! I love your blog, great DIY's and I REALLY love the "no filter"...let it all fly!! said...

Congrats! Here's to many more years of Danika! Cheers!

Ashley said...

Happy blogging anniversary! To many, many more years of your genius DIYs!

Sandra Carson said...

Congrats for your four year success..:)
Happy anniversary
Android Developer

Bromeliad said...

Congrats on four years!


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