Hi everyone.  I just wanted to pop up a quick post.
I will spare you the snotty details, but I am now going on the 3rd consecutive week 
of a kid/kids home sick from school. 
Feeling a bit :
bonkers/eye twitchy/trapped in the house/cuckoo 
because I am unable to get these babies healthy & on the mend.  
I am so behind on work, so anyone who is waiting to hear back from me please bear with. I will be back just as soon as I have everyone healthy.  These little guys are my priority right now.

On the bright side,  I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer (which has actually been quite refreshing) and I have just been scrolling Instagram from my phone for my design crack.  
That rabbit hole led me to discover some great new to me fabrics from Tulu. You likey?

And, I'm sure you've all seen this all over the blogosphere:

It drove me to do this:

...splatter up my slipcover that I just made for my bench:

I used watered down black paint 
(instead of Rit Dye like I did here)

Since the kids eat at this bench it is sure to get gross.  I will be tossing this in the wash often with bleach.  I was afraid bleach would lift the dye, and I know from experience & many wrecked clothing items that nothing gets dried paint out.

Hey look, no more studs!  We have plastered walls.
I am just waiting out the week for them to cure so we can 
get moldings and woodwork up and paint on. Floors still look crappy.

I also got to experience (via Instagram) 
how my sister handles being house bound with 2 sick kids & an abscessed tooth...
like a carpenter on crystal meth.

This is what she did last night when she couldn't sleep...
she added wainscoting to her family room:
Here is the "before" from yesterday afternoon:

And a few days before that she transformed her brick fireplace ...
  into a real legit wood mantle with shelves:
I'm dumbfounded. She needs to come for a visit. 

I am going to get her to give a tutorial, she said it was "easy".


Kim said...

ok, please give a tutorial on the fireplace re-do. Love it. Y'all are definitely related!! xo

Kathleen said...

I want some of that crazy energy you both seem to have. You get so much stuff done! I'm single, work part-time and have my son away at college and don't get done 1/2 of what you do.

Heather Peterson said...

Wow, it's genetic!

Love that bench and slipcover. Looks like the remodel is coming along nicely.


The Pink Pagoda said...

There are TWO of you?? That's fascinating that you both get things done around your houses the way you do! I hope all the children are feeling much better soon!

LindsB said...

I hope your kids are on the mend, its no fun to be sick. And im sure its no fun to be at home for the 3rd week taking care of the sick either!

I still cant believe your house transformation, taking down that wall has done amazing things! I cant WAIT to see it all finished!


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