The trail of inspiration...

As I go about life in my "squirrel brain project land" I hop from one idea to the next, continually changing the game because I see something new that inspires.  So much of creativity comes from sparks of inspiration that are then compounded upon and altered.  The trail of inspiration is quite a messy, tangled fabulous web if you ask me.  So it makes this blog all the more worthwhile when I am able to inspire someone else's creativity. 

I recently got an email from decorative artist Jessica Jones
 She sent me some pictures of her amazing scalloped bathroom walls: 
She painted them by hand, and what
 I found particularly cool was her trail of inspiration.
It started on Pinterest with this image:

and then she saw a tutorial I did for this journal cover using different sized coins as a template. She had a lightbulb moment as to how to achieve the look for her walls:
(Speaking of trails, this was my inspirational spark for the journal:)

This is how she achieved the look:
"I made different sized stencils using foamcore board, grabbed some metallic paint, and went to work transforming my sad, windowless bathroom into a room full of fun, metallic pattern. I love the art deco feel and glints of metallic!" 
 She just super sized the coin idea with foam core and created a much grander idea!

Besides being clever, she is quite the talented painter.
Check out these malachite walls she painted on her website...


Thank you Jessica for sharing your work, keep it coming!


Houndstooth and Nail said...
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Nuha said...

Love the scalloped idea! And that malachite wall is insane - seriously love it!

Nuha said...

Love the scalloped idea! And that malachite wall is insane - seriously love it!

Anonymous said...

My mind is RACING now! I want a malachite wall! I want a scalloped bathroom!

By the way, that is my friend Irene's bathroom from the inspiration pic, she rocks!


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