What's happening...

I have had a the deadly blog trifecta strike.
1) Nice weather.  2) Heavy workload.  
3) Messy desk syndrome that makes me do all my biz from an iPhone instead of my computer- therefore no blogs 'cause I am not smart enough to iBlog.  Insta-Facebook gets my love.

So here is what has been occupying my creative minutes.  
A whole bunch of unfinished, non-glamorous stuff with a cloud of ozone depletion.

Lets begin with the last post.   The upholstery class.

Moldy chair update- I have spared its life... 
I am a masochist.

And can I say hand tied springs suck.  
I am learning that there are things I don't ever want to do again.  Like grain alcohol punch, acrylic nails and hand tied springs.
I will appreciate every penny I pay my upholsterer in the future, because I really don't like or understand this mess...

 Sunroom chairs are done, but I wish I painted them white.
Still might ... I want calm out there and I think it might happen if they are white.
(You can see the base of the one in the back is still white primer... I like it better)

P.S.A. time...
 Make sure your children wear helmets when crafting...
 (and get a tetanus shot too)

Also, Rustoleum Automobile Primer works great for ceramic lamps, 
just add a high gloss color over 
Rustoleum Orange in Gloss
(- P.S. call me Rustoleum, I like you. Lets do drinks.)...


 and I tried spray painting a stained dhurrie rug with white paint....
it turned it a soft gray, which actually wasn't bad.  But I just couldn't leave well enough alone.
Stay tuned, still trying to fix this one.

I discovered cheap black Home Depot plastic planters actually look OK with some Hammered Bronze spray-spray
 (Hey, I live in the North, so I totally overindulge in spray paint once it thaws out up here)
and the old porch railings got trimmed into trellis panels for the garden...

and finally, this nonsense came to my town on Saturday...
We had an American Idol "Homecoming" parade and concert over the weekend.
Turns out that one of the top 3 American Idol finalists is from my little town of Beverly, MA.

Watch all about it tonight (if you do that stuff), you might even see my youngest Joe.  He got some camera time during the parade with the guy in gray below.
 My kids were so excited.  Not gonna lie, I totally got into it. 
 Like 8th grade minus the mushroom cloud perm.
Good times.  Don't judge.


julielorusso@gmail.com said...

Hi Danika,
Don't know if I've ever left you a comment . I just had to pipe up today though. I started blogging for my love of chairs and was going to really have a chair focus. I walked away from a very expensive, time consuming, labor intensive upholstery class with the exact sentiments you're having now--AND an unfinished chair. I've since talked about a lot of other things on my blog including what I nice job my upholsterer did on my chairs :) Good luck to you and God bless upholsterers.

Katie Waddell said...

I LOVE the sunroom chairs orange/red!!!!! However, if you paint them white I'll still love you...in a totally non creepy/stalker way!

stephanie said...

love your blog. so funny. glad things are back to "normal". good luck with mr. moldy!

Kimber said...

Love the sunroom chairs! What fabric is on them? *fabulous*

Danika Herrick said...

Kimber- it's a Lulu DK fabric called Jellybeans

Danika Herrick said...

Kimber- it's a Lulu DK fabric called Jellybeans


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