big pile of awesome

 You know what is awesome?
It has me all stupid-high on life right now.

Thanks to the recent weekend heatwave, my brain melted and I totally checked out and pretended I was on vacation.
That meant sleeping in, beach everyday, cocktails everyday, and thanks to the arrival of a fire pit we were burning/ roasting things everyday.  

Thank you heatwave for making things A freaking OK around here.
We had some firsts too... 
Maybe it was the heat, but my kids actually sat around reading books
(see above and below)  
 I got my first sunburn of the season, not so awesome.
(I did use SPF 50, but it was hotstuffs out)
 The older, non-water loving child became a fan of the beach...
we angered some crabs...
 took beach naps...
and met the new family that moved in next door...
4 little babies and a Mama that I want to squeeze like Elf, but will refrain from.
Instead I spent the evenings talking raccoon to them...
thinking I had skills like St. Francis,
while my neighbors and husband were probably thinking
'Wow, she's had too much wine and sun'.
I must have annoyed the raccoon family because they moved out almost as quick as they moved in.
Probably something I said.

 And to top this all off it's peony season!
 I got eager and picked a bunch way too soon.
Many of those are never gonna open.

oh, almost forgot this started off as a design blog-
Guess what?  I also finally finished a room!
Sunroom complete!

I realized I do get crazy in a heatwave. 
 Last year I painted my kitchen cabinets and striped the ceiling, so I guess its normal for me.

this here wall/windows will be going soon when we start the kitchen remodel...
the curbside chairs are painted and upholstered 
with a Lulu DK remnant I had scored online a while back...

the sign is from my husband's first office, 
and felt it fit the space since this is where we hang when we entertain

almost every other piece in this room is from a flea market or thrift store,
super "budget room" 

the side board was a $5 find and was dark brown when I found it.
it will now serve as the bar
Eventually the floor will be tiled, and the jury is out on a rug.
The wheels on the chairs catch, so its not looking promising.
So who's coming over for drinks and to learn raccoon?


Marcia said...

Love, love, love the Herrick & Company sign. And, don't worry...I drink wine and talk to my neighbors, too! Happy Summer!

Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

awesome sunroom! love! can't wait to get my summer on too!

Linda Pakravan said...

love your sunroom. that sign is great!

Lindsey Suggs said...

The sunroom looks great!! I love the color palette and how it ties into your fab wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

I love the sunroom furniture, especially the cane table! Looks beautiful!

LindsB said...

If all this happens during a 3 day heatwave in June I cant WAIT to see whats going to happen at your place in July and August!!

Also that sunroom is the SHIT! I love it! love love love, and I love talking racoon and I love the bar. I'm coming over now!


Quite a nice little sunroom you managed to put together there:).....and on a budget no less!


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