Mystery chair fabric up for grabs!

Yes, I finally found it.
When I saw a bolt of it today at a fabric store I grabbed it like a crazy lady*...
(*I was trying to come up with a great/clever analogy, but its been a long day and I got nothing- 
and since I am crazy and a lady "it is what it is")

I have a bunch, so leave a comment below if you want some.
$29.99/ yard + shipping (leave your zip code and I can get you an exact shipping quote),
first come first serve and all that...

Here is the pattern on a roll out:
 and on that bitch of a chair...
you know you want some.

on other fronts...
just got back from a long "off the grid" vacation.
It was GREAT.
I highly recommend leaving your devices to their own devices.

And yes, I did break the rules and I used Instagram last week. 
See, we brought my cell along in the glove box for emergencies. 
 It was actually needed for a call to the dentist when my oldest pulled a filling out with gum.  
But then we went mining in the NH hills.
It was again used for "location" purposes. 
Listen, when you are driving an endless dirt road with signs that say "Don't listen to your GPS, they are wrong" and signs of 'Deliverence' all around, you leave crumbs via social media.

Glad to be back!


The Sterling Cherub said...

Hi Danika,

Is that a yard you're showing of the fabric? Or more? I'm interested in finding out what the pattern repeat would be on a yard or yard-1/2. The fans look pretty large. My zip is 90064. You can contact me at my e-mail which can be found under my Profile on my blog


Danika Herrick said...

Hi Kimberly! The repeat is 34.5", and what you see in the picture is about 1 1/2 yards. The actual fans run between 11-12".

meegs said...

Hi Danika! Remember me? The Mongstad mirror gal? Lol...I would love to purchase 2 or 3 yards...enough to recover seats of my dining room chairs, of which there are 6... Zipcode is 19087...thanks! Meeghan

Unknown said...

Hello, Dannika!
I just found your site 2 seconds ago via the Hunted Interior (which I found 2 seconds before that. Anything preceding that the trail goes cold)!
I'm very interested in 2-3 yards of this fabric. 30043

Jessica Davis said...

Great job danika - love it! BTW, your overlays on my blog on thursday and definitely featuring prominently in the Nov Women's Day issue!


Your chair looks SO good! Wish we could figure out the mystery fabric....I love it!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

Hi Danika,

Any chance you have any of this fabric left? Love it!! And your chair is gorgeous! Please let me know how many yards you have, if any at this late date. Thanks!!

Aleesha said...

Gorgeous fabric! I'm sure it's all gone by now, so if anyone is still looking there is yardage to be found elsewhere. I found some on Etsy. It's more expensive than offered here, but perhaps you can find it for less. This just happened to be the first site I found in my search. on


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