Hot (colorful) Mess

I bought a bunch of paint over the weekend.
I know that sounds like no big deal, 
but I am talking about the paint...
the paint for all the white plastered walls I've been staring at for months now!
It's finally happening in slow-reno mode...
trim is going up and then the painting party is about to start.

So in these past few months I've had WAY too much time to agonize over color schemes, pin my brains out and fantasize.  Ceiling patterns, door colors, glossy, flat, white or patterned.
Which led to me not making any decision at all.

Then finally this Sunday I was all 
"Crap, I MUST make a decision!  Paint is going up in less than a week..."
The fan decks came out and colors were feverishly picked.
 And then at the paint counter I changed my mind on a few colors
and went with snap decisions under fluorescent lighting.  yikes.

8 gallons now sit in my garage awaiting judgement day.  
I am now playing musical rooms with the cans.  
The painters can't get here fast enough. 
(my husband refuses to let me do the basic painting) 
Him: "How can you paint designs and patterns so neatly, 
but make such a mess just painting a wall solid?"
Me: "I don't know.  Its fun for about 10 minutes and then I get
 bored and distracted and I just want to get it over with.  I guess I go too fast."

As I wait I am driving myself bonkers 
with second guessing and color rearranging.

What I can tell you is there are a whole lotta blues happening.
And some corally, orange red with a dash of citron tossed in.
And some white.  
And a big bunch of design schizophrenia.
Really, I can pick colors for anyone else, just not myself. 

I restrained myself from going too heavy on the reds,
but I have been crushing on this idea lately...
and this...

 and I daydreamed about painting a room in some form of chinoiserie fabulous like these...

Or doing something fun like this in the boy's room...

 And while I may be on a red kick at the moment (thank you autumn),  
I know choosing colors during a seasonal change is about as smart as 
doing it while drunk and PMS-ing- 
so I may wind up restraining myself a bit and playing it bit more safe...

 or returning to orange...
 or not...
 or just blue with orange accents...
 or not.
Yes, it is official.  I have Color Paralysis.
 I have to remember it's only paint and that this is the fun part!
(And I will probably change things up when Spring rolls into town.)

Inspiration via Pinterest Hell


Kim said...

Exactly my life. Cannot make the decision. I get stuck in my own brain! I know you will rock it, cannot wait to see what the painters have in store! xo

LindsB said...

Isnt having design ADD the worst? I can pick things out for someone else in 2 seconds, but when it comes to picking things out for myself it takes WEEKS and I end up changing it a hot second anyway. Oh and that change takes weeks to decide on as well. Its a never ending cycle of madness.

I cant WAIT to see what colors you picked- they are going to be so hot!


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