Lighting Week- Lighting Resources

I have a "Source" Bookmark on my computer that is a little weighed down.
As I sifted through it I realize I could also do a Decorative Hardware Week,  Fabric Week and Paint/ Stencil Resource Week too.
I went through it, purged and gathered my favorite lighting resources for you. 
 They are divided in into 'Retailers' and 'Bits and Random Pieces'.

Ok, we all know about Restoration Hardware, IKEA,Y Lighting, Lamps Plus, etc.
Here are a few of my other favorites:

Best Pretty Lanterns and Metal Tole

Overall Great Designer Selection

Just Amazing Overall
You can't go wrong.
Jamie Meares has a mad eye for fabulous, and the fixtures she curates prove it.

Rustic/Urban/Minimalist Vibe
 (they carry bulbs too).

Get your build, bulb and repair on

Parts Galore
More bits and pieces than you'll ever need to build or rebuild:

Great Bulbs
Edison Lighting
(one of the pricier ones, but very nice looking)
(they have a gaslight flicker for under $15 and Edisons to go)

(name says it all)

Pretty Wire

(besides wire they have Edisons cheap and parts too)

That is it for now, could easily do a Part 2 but I won't overwhelm. 


therelishedroost said...

Love lighting and these are great resources!! The bulbs are hot!!! THanks for sharing!

The Sterling Cherub said...

Wow, thank you so much Danika for putting together this "Sources" post! Great, useful information to have, take away the guess work for your readers. Thank you for sharing!



Kristen said...

wow, i've never seen that first company with the lanterns... so much fun.

ROK said...

I always want to DIY some tole lanterns a la Colleen & Co. I haven't found any resources on tole work. And ideas?


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