Holiday Happenings

Hey ya ho ho ya! 
 Please join me over at A Creative Day today.  
I'm getting my craft on with a little tutorial 
on how to jazzel up your basic balsam wreath with paint and magic.
Gilding the lily wreath.
Hop on over and get the 411 and be sure to check out the entire 
Christmas DIY Series Eileen has created.

Besides making a wreath, 
I've been decorating like an elf on powdered sugar every spare moment I can.
I figured there's always a first time for TINSEL, so I had to bust out the colored lights too.  
 I started building up my winter layer... nom nom.
 Been participating in my favorite winter sport that requires hot toddies...
 and I found one of my favorite things from my childhood 
in a random Five & Dime in New Hampshire this weekend... 
a little balsam incense smoker house.  
I just had to have it, happy childhood memories and probably the beginnings of my indoor pyromania.

Peace and nutcrackers!


Unknown said...

That wreath! Amazing!

Unknown said...

It's really gorgeous. Excellent post you posted here. Bedroom Decor ideas

Unknown said...

Nice work,you are smart

i invite you to my blog:

katie gavigan said...

whaaaat?! that incense house is amazing! i must find one... i'm on the hunt!

The Sterling Cherub said...

OMG, that is, bar none, the most gorgeous wreath I have ever seen! My home has silvers as a metallic accent, yet I'd hang that wreath in my home in a heartbeat. It's just breathtaking. You always do such amazingly beautiful work. *Sigh!*


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