Hello from the trenches

Happy New Year and a seriously belated Merry Merry!  I really can't believe how fast that all went and that we are halfway into January already.
 I wanted to stop in for a moment, say "hello" and fill you in on what's been going on around here.  (This is going to be a big tangent of a blurb, I can feel it.) 
My kids were home for what felt like an endless Christmas break and the tundra arrived with it.   I had to check my youngest into rehab for his snow addiction...
...seriously,  it was cute for a whole second and then it just got gross.  
He loves the stuff & tries to eat it wherever we go.  I'm on "dirty snow" alert 24/7. gag.

The work front has been in fast & furious gear.  I have been on a project designing a funeral home for the past year, and let me tell you it's going to be one heck of a gorgeous final resting place.  The installs for this project finally began last week and I have been 
posting peeks of them on Instagram (@danikaherrick).  
Lots of grasscloth & soothing color palates... the intention is to feel serene and calm. 

I am most excited for this CarletonV paper that is going up today...
Jasper Peony

Its is just so damn pretty!

This week will be furniture, artwork, lighting, more wallpaper and lots of draperies...
hoping for smooth sailing and to be done in a week.  

On the home front...
I finally papered my soon to be laundry room ceiling/ current office with my 
Thibaut purchase from months ago...

So freaking hard!  Never hanging a ceiling again, your paper hanger is worth every penny.
The paper ripped and I had so much paste in my hair.  
Looked like a scene from Something About Mary..

The next design install around here will hopefully be drapes.
I am loving the new Tilton Fenwick line from Duralee.
I ordered some samples and I'm trying to decide on one of these.  
I am open to opinions...

The red, mint and navy combo ties my kitchen/fireplace room together in such a good way.  
Those girls know their shiz.

 I got into the paint this weekend and faux marbled my Mom & Dad's fireplace surround.  It was plain wood,  but it got fancied up on the cheap.  They are building an insanely good fireplace wall. 
 The hearth goes in next, just wait to see the final reveal! 
It is gonna be good...
 and afterwards I hung like a bat... 
I sprained my back a week ago and this inversion table was just magical.
(My parents have every holistic hippy contraption so it's pretty awesome going over.  Its like spa day. )
I think I should hang upside down more often.

Lastly, I have been working on a blog revamp.
Mostly getting painting tutorials made and organized, as well as a few other surprises.
I am hoping to get that launched the end of February- once this project wraps I will be on that hard.

Sorry for the crazed quick dump of info, be back shortly!


Anonymous said...

Yay, you're back. Your blog is so inspiring.

Rosemary said...

yay! I missed your blog.

myoverlays said...

It's looking like lots of fun over there!!!

Unknown said...
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Mebel Jepara said...
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Dufa said...
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