yard stuff

Sticking my head outside for a moment...
I love this idea for quick and easy garden beds/planters using pallets:

And I really dig this idea of adding stones to my garden beds.
a) It looks cool.
b) Less weeding

Found this on Pinterest...  
Gonna use this for my pea stone patio area when the weeds pop up.
Love that it's non-toxic.
I also read you can mix in baking soda to soil.
It changes the pH and nothing can grow- so use this for bed edges, not near any plants.

and lastly, my inspiration pic of the day...
I'd be so happy if my yard looked like this! 
Right now its a long way off.  It's looking all bleh, wintery and sad...
 This weekend I'm hoping to clean up the beds and find some taller trees/shrubs to add some height/cozy up the naked areas of my yard.

How about you? What do you have planned?


lonelybaker said...

You'd be happy? Ha! At least you have a yard. I have dirt. Twenty-nine-triple-axel-dump-trucks' worth of dirt that needs A LOT of attention and patience. Would it help if I told you I envy your yard? And that other one, too; the one that looks like a pipe dream right now. And is a pipe dream... I gotta get out there and start doing stuff.

Unknown said...

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