Epic Sharpie Fail

Well heeeeey there!  Its been a while, I know! I kinda fell off the blogging horse and have been having a tough time getting back up.  I wish I had a fantastic story, excuse or mid-life crisis to explain my absence but I don't.   Just life, work, kids... same old-same old...
I've been posting on Insta because its a quick fix, but I miss you guys and it's just not quite the same.
Anyway, I have tons to share with you guys, so let's just jump right in.  I feel like an epic fail is a great way to start because I don't want any of you making this mistake.

So back in the end of the summer I was working on the boys bathroom, contemplating wallpaper choices when one day I got a wild hair and went at the walls with a navy blue Sharpie. 
Dots........................... an endless sea of dots.  
It took all day, but I didn't care. 
I was full of the "manic idea crazies" and it was going to be great! 

And fun!

That was until I learned a horrifying fact.
Sharpies BLEED, like "cut you" bleed.
 And cry tears of sadness.
 I had no idea. 
I've never used them in a bathroom.
It turns out they don't like moisture and steam.
I should have used a paint pen.
So now ya know. 
And I'm off to the drawing board again with this room.

Be back soon, I mean it.


the cape on the corner said...

oh.my.god. that is the saddest thing i've read all day. it was so so good....until the bleed. womp womp.

SkinnyMeg said...

my heart breaks, that was so much work! hahaha, I know it's not funny, but sometimes you just have to laugh :)

Unknown said...

I would think there would be some type of clear gloss you would be able to apply over it. That's unfortunate it looks really nice! I love the concept!

Katie Waddell said...

So sad!! Do you think this would be fine in a bedroom?

Unknown said...

I really love the idea you had and it looked great! Like someone said before maybe a clear gloss would have held it. Good luck on the redo, I'm sure it'll be just as good!!

Danika Herrick said...

Katie, I think this would be fine in a bedroom... as long as you don't splash any water in there. I've seen Sharpie on walls before, I guess just never in a bath. I've also learned there are two types of Sharpie... water based and permanent (I checked mine, they were permanent). I am going to do a test with acrylic and oil sealers to see if either will save this, I'll keep you posted.

hilaryful said...

Only you Danika...only you!!!


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