Office Update/ I'm a Flake

  I'm such a flake.  Its only taken almost two years, but my office is done.
I know your thinking "Yeah, yeah... shut your face. You always say that."
Really. I WANT to be done.  I've tweaked and changed so many things along the way, and I finally have it how I like it.  Remember, this room started off almost 6 years ago as a nursery.
Its been about 4-5 different colors, but I kept going back to the pale pink. So pale pink stays.
I painted a chinoiserie mural on my closet/whiteboard wall
(there is a flip down queen size bed inside that closet so this doubles as a guest room).  Behind the doors there is yellow and white stripes and a leopard headboard.
I'll take some photos next time a guest comes.
 The bookcases (actually my entire office) are all IKEA pieces that have been trimmed out with crown molding or hacked in some way.
Lots of storage for all my junk.
The base cabinets are IKEA Sektional kitchen cabinets that 
I added homemade faux bamboo trim to. (see last post)
My I made the giant cork board over my desk from high density 3/4" thick foam insulation board wrapped with fabric and nailheads. It was a cheap fix, costing me under $25.
It herds my all my visual crazy to one area.
Starburst light tutorial is here.
 My white boards are made out of a 4x8' sheet of tile board ($13 a sheet) that I cut down into 4 pieces and framed with flat stock molding.  I will do a post on these.. really easy and they clean up great.  The trick is using a rag dampened with Windex.
Look how clean they are! They are usually jammed up with jibberish and to-do lists.
I made some more bamboo trim for these babies, and painted a yellow lattice background...
I change shit around here so much that I forgot how many looks this room had.
Here's a little memory lane montage...
Starting back in 2010 when I starburst the crap out of it and made it the guest room with a tiny desk jammed in it.  It was always a mess- note the laundry basket and printer on the bed!
 Then I got crafty and put my office in the big closet, and painted out the sunbursts with a dark charcoal brown:

 I really loved this set up, but the bed still hogged the room and collected crap like a magnet...
 I tested out a sofa bed option, it just wasn't comfortable.  I had a vision that I would lounge on it and read mags.  Never happened...
 I also built a work station, but the height was weird and I constantly had back problems from craning at the computer:
Then the room went coral for about a month:
And finally about a year ago I built a work area using a giant laminate counter and two IKEA Malms:

 The Malms started to buckle under the weight, not good! So that lead to where I am today.

I think this situation is going to stick around for a while.  I'm too tired to change it, and I think I have finally found a layout that is functionally pleasing.  The only thing I still need to do is make a new slipcover for my desk chair. That thing is pretty tired.

Happy weekend peeps!

(First 4 photos by Tabitha Sherrell- thanks lady!)


Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, if I had the creative talent you possess in your little finger, I would consider myself blessed. AMAZING. Love your current office and seeing all of its previous incarnations.

Unknown said...

Absolutely love it!! I've been researching the whole murphy bed option for our future guest room/office and love the idea! PS, I am obsessed with the chinoiserie mural you painted!

Robin, Home and Atelier said...

The multi-purpose layout of this space is so clever and the decor modern-chic-fun ... I'd definitely say this is a keeper! Fun memory lane montage & although each version of the room offered nice elements and a great expression of your creative talent, THIS version really brings it all together in a cohesive design. What a lucky guest to enjoy stripes / animal print, would love to see that pic!

Rita from Design Megillah said...

What a great office. Please post the how-to's about the queen sized bed in the closet!! I need to do that, too!

Unknown said...

so very cute, nice and refreshing design...
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Anonymous said...

Danika, from my point of view, you did the best from that room, the office looks so cute and nice, as Sauro said it’s a very refreshing design. I love the board with all your stuff that you put over your desk, it gives a friendly air to the room….you really, really did a wonderful job!
Maybe, in the near future, you would like to add even a colorful carpet :), that’s why let me share with you our rug world: You’ll quickly find that a felt ball carpet is quite unlike anything else, also because it has a social story behind it: .

hilaryful said...

You cracked me up!!! Looks awesome!! Xoxox


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