Part 2- the Bath

I feel like I have so much to cram in here!  
Next up on the wayback dial is our master bath renovation circa Fall 2016.

The mahogany counter came out of an old bar in NYC that got demolished.  My mother had found it and kept it hoarded away for years for us.  Thanks Mom! The rail along the back was a fun place to keep toothbrush cups and toiletries.

The mirrors were super sentimental.  
They were the original window screen frames from the first house we lived in Salem.  I added mirrored glass and new brass latches.  They opened and acted as medicine cabinets.

The single centered sink happened for a couple reasons.  As much as two sinks would have been normal and good, it left no counter space for your crap.  I like to spread out my make up and hair appliances.  The raised marble vessels were pretty big and forced you to teeter things on the edge.  
Also, my husband and I don't get ready simultaneously so we only needed one sink at a time... gotta keep the mystery alive.  We nixed a sink, and the round mirrors both opened toward the sink so you could see in the mirror when brushing your teeth.  Not for everyone, I know, but honestly I can brush my teeth blindfolded (flossing not so much). 
Used the same cabinets in my kitchen, good old IKEA. I loved the double hidden drawers to hold all my makeup and junk. (I so wish I took pictures of them- I was so organized!) And towels were folded away neatly in the bottom drawers.

To make this master bathroom we combined the kids bath (yellow) with our bath (blue).
They were back to back and mirror images of each other. Remember these? 

Heres a crappy pano of when we gutted them.  It gave us a 14' wide x 10' deep space to play with.

Our wish list included:
-big shower with no glass or door to clean
-deep tub to soak
-reusing the old round window frames from our first house
-incorporating the old mahogany bar top 
-a neutral palate 

 We played with a ton of configurations and in the end we decided to do something like this...
use the left side for a long shower with a wall between the tub,
toilet vanity on the right.  This also used existing plumbing to save some $$.

The shower was my favorite.  
It was enormous at 10' long and 4 1/2' wide. It was heavenly.  I could seriously do yoga and cartwheels in it if I wanted to.  It was like your own personal locker room shower, although you could probably fit 6 people in it and have a dance party if thats what your into.  Not judging.

Lord I miss that shower!  
It spoiled me for all other showers.  The one at our new house feels like a space capsule.

In the end, when we decided to sell, we replaced the round mirrors with plate glass because we know that most buyers weren't quirky like us and wanted to see themselves when they brushed their teeth. And I gotta say it made the bathroom feel even bigger!

I really wish I had taken better pictures of this space.  
(Note crappy phone photo with the seat up above. "Hi!") 

Off topic, speaking of photos, I have a quick question... 
What is the best photo organizing tool to use?  I have a Mac with like 150,000 pictures on it and I need to clean it up.  Same for my 25,000+ emails on my phone... I don't have time to go through every picture individually.
What do you guys use? What makes your life easier?  HELP!

We only got to use this bath for less than a year when we decided to move. 
 It has been my favorite house by far. We stayed here the longest, 8 years- a record, and I loved that we took our time on it and didn't rush into renovating right off the bat.  
We had so many good memories here. 

She came a long way from the chocolate brownie she used to be when we first bought her. 

You were a good house Neptune Street! 
As my husband likes to tell me, a house is just a house- its the memories you make in it that you get to take with you forever.  Off to make new ones.


Mary said...

A house is just a house. So glad you are back to blogging! Can't wait to see what you do with the next house.

Kiki said...

I’m loving that your back and enjoying your posts! If you get the photo organization figured out please do a post on it!

Jenny B said...

Yay! Welcome back, can't wait to see where your new house! Projects?

Kirsten said...

Your blog has always been a fun read, glad you're back!


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