I wanted to share an easy painting tutorial with you. 
I know I haven't done one in ages... in video format no less! (I almost forgot how to edit and upload.)
This Faux Tortoiseshell technique is a great one for beginners, and with a little practice you can get a fantastic look. Its perfect for small decorative objects like boxes, pictures frames, chair frames and tables.  I used an old wooden box...

Here is the video, and I will link products I used below.


Poster Board for making samples and testing colors

Satin finish paint for base color.  Can be spray paint or brush on, but use SATIN finish.
Choose a red or golden yellow.

2" Badger Softner Brush
(this is essential, you will use this for so many other techniques)

Variety of Oil Wood Stains, Minwax, Zar or Old Masters are all great.
I recommend using all the same brand.  I used Fruitwood, Aged Bourbon, Dark Walnut and Black.

Painter's Tape

Variety of brushed for applying stain and spots

Clean white rag

Satin or Semigloss Polyurethane


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