One Room Challenge- Week 3 Update

Sorry, this update is not pretty or glamorous in any way.  Last week was so frustrating I didn't even post!  My ORC has been in a "planning, purchasing and carpet ripping phase" the past two weeks.  I have redesigned this room about 20 times, and second guessed my choices like a true Libra. 
 Here's what I have been looking at for my fabrics:
The only thing that is for sure and that has been ordered is the wavy Andrew Stripe, the soft blue Shagreen pattern and the Emma Bouquet Toss below. The Stripe is going on the Romans and headboard/ dust ruffle , the Shagreen is the duvet, and the Bouquet Toss will be shams.  

I also found a small rug for next to the bed.  It works well with fabrics and the paint for the floor.
(The original rug I posted on my inspiration board sadly sold out.)

Speaking of painted floors, this is where the majority of my time went.
I ripped out the old carpet and was met with a lovely surprise. The carpet pad was so deteriorated it was stuck to the floor.  So nasty.  It took days of scraping and sanding.  
My husband was like "Why don't we just re-carpet?" 
And I was all "I have a vision of a painted floor... I must paint the floor!"

His idea would have saved me weeks, as well as saved my back and knees, but I am stubborn.

Behold the floor in its current state. 
Three coats of cream paint are drying, awaiting to be painted with a checkerboard and stars....

Today I hope to paint the soft blue checkers and terracotta stars.  Then its on to making a final call on the fabric assignments.  A lot of the fabric should be here in a week, and I feel like I am just going to need to hang it around the room to make the final call. What I do know is the bed canopy will look something like this and go in the nook to the right of the eave.

Heres a super quick & crappy photoshop mock up of my plans (fabrics might move around):

My tasks to finish this week are:
-Paint Floor Design
-Hang Grasscloth Wallpaper
-Order any additional fabrics 
-Nail down lighting

Be back with prettier pictures soon. 
In the meantime check out all the progress being made elsewhere during the One Room Challenge here!



Cyndi J said...

The fabrics look great together. And the room mockup really helps to see your vision. I understand about not giving up on your plans for the floor. As a fellow Libra I get the indecision! I buy multiples of things like shower curtains and rugs and then make a lot of returns. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Faris Zahid said...

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