Paint is Great

I love to paint... anything.
 My husband might say I am trying to renovate our entire house with paint,
but it goes much deeper than that.
                                   Paint and I have been having a love affair for quite sometime.

dining room Boston, MA

After studying art in college and I became a decorative artist
after learning the trade from artist Paula Kucera.
This was a turning point in my life- realizing I can use my "canvas skills" in real life.
I loved how you could transform the mundane into something magical.
Everything was a canvas!

To this day I still believe no surface is off limits.
(Well maybe toilets)

entry floor Ispwich, MA

From floors to walls...
Bathroom Mural Salem, MA

Hall Mural Newburyport, MA

Living Room mural NY State

my office

don't forget ceilings.

Even plain doors became things they were not originally...

And of course the patterns you could make!

Bath Nantucket, MA

(my ever changing entry wall )

As a decorative painter I always had a lot of fun on the job...

This is my good friend and painting partner Phyllis Tracy. Maybe it was all the paint fumes, but we always laughed...a lot.

I also had the opportunity to work for C2 Paint.  At the time they were a brand new company and I got to do fun things like design their trade show booths...

(building a giant fan deck had its challenges, but I fell in love with epoxy when I made the floor. Serious shiny love there.  Still have yet to use it in my house... one for the list.

and I also got to make crazy things like dresses made from paint and paint chips...
but the best part was actually wearing them to be the C2 Paint girl at an awards show...
  Getting done up with "paint chip" hair extensions.

It was through these experiences I discovered my love of interior design, and I eventually changed my course. I still use paint a whole lot, and I get very excited when new color collections come out or I discover a new and improved primer that claims to stick to anything including Jell-O.  The transformative process is so exciting.
I have to say I love my job(s). 
And I love you too paint!


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