A Colorful Monday

I have always loved Easter eggs. One of the earliest dreams I remember having as a kid was about running down a big grassy hill to a swimming pool that had an enormous brightly colored Easter egg floating in it. (I know it sounds strange, but the imagery was so vivid I remember it clearly to this day.) So to end a gray damp weekend I broke out the PAS Easter Egg kit and let the kids go nuts. After a lot of stained little fingers and clothes we have a bright and punchy bowl of gems. Easter eggs are one of those things that make me happy. Each one a unique, mottled little work of art and when grouped together just look like a fun.
A pile of paint chips brings out the same feeling, be it strips of graduated colors or big over sized swathes. While this gets me excited, for many looking at paint chips produces anxiety and indecision. Just remember... it is only paint. That being said, there are many great color tools out there that make the process fun. I use Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer a lot. Just upload your space, set the boundaries you want to paint and pick colors to preview. I use this a lot with furniture pieces before I paint or reupholster them. C2's giant paint chips are great, and they have an extensive color library online to preview. Another fun site is the BHG color tool. You can work with existing room arrangements and play with color and pattern on walls, furniture and window treatments.

A few things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect color...When looking at small chips the eye is naturally drawn toward a shade brighter/ more saturated. This is one of the biggest mistakes. The yellow that looked so cheerful on a chip becomes a screaming nightmare on the wall. Always lean toward a shaded quieter when dealing with clean, bright colors.

Paint a swatch or two on the wall and look at in in all types of light. See how it works with other elements in the room. Also, when looking at sample always look at them on the plane they will be painted (vertically for walls). -

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is the only way you will learn and ITS ONLY PAINT!

Some Easter Egg inspired rooms to brighten your Monday...

Photos from Domino Magazine


To Visit My said...

your blog is very fine......

AliciaMarieB said...

Very pretty rooms. Eggs are awesome fun! :)


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