Little Things

I'm in the process of preparing to bunk my two boys together soon, so I have been trying to get a plan together for decorating the room. Before we do it, we have to get our oldest to sleep without the overhead lights on. We have been looking for a night light alternative and he spotted this lamp. He loves it because it matches his stuffed animal dog "Pistol" and now Pistol won't get lonely. I like it because its clean and simple... so we now have our starting point.

Speaking of kids rooms, studio bon has some great handprinted fabrics (as well as plenty of grown up fabric too) that are are modern & sweet. I love the simplicity of her line, clean patterns with zesty colors. They could work in so many different settings.

This ric-rac pattern is great, just screams summer. (Pillows available on her site)

One last little thing on a different note... these chandelier sleeves from Kaarskoker, I absolutely love them. They come in several different patterns and colors. What a simple, easy way to make over a fixture and add a pop of color to your space.

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Anonymous said...

I like your ideas and detailed eye towards clean lines and images !


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