Circles on a square

A good friend of mine, Phyllis Tracy, is the only person I know with a full fledged plate fetish. No matter where we were she'd always notice plates. I'm happy to say she has followed her passion and has started designing her own line of plates... Neptune 1 Studios. So after chatting with her the other day I noticed this grouping while perusing Canadian House & Home and just loved it. Its a great way to add a burst of color to your wall on the cheap. Here they have taken regular clear glass plates and painted them with ordinary house paint. Just think of the unlimited designs you could create. It got my head spinning, so I am giving you some great plate scapes for inspiration.

Kelly Wearstler, the goddess of fabulous design, created these eye poppers for the Viceroy Santa Monica. Who says less is more!

Simple and striking, light on dark.

Marrimekko plates for the bold and graphic...

I love these! Great use of color and movement.

from Apartment Therapy

Martha Stewart

For the traditionalist, Blue & White.

Country Living

Silver platters for a twist, from Real Living.

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