How's it hangin'?

Hanging art is one of those tasks that I put off doing for as long as possible. You see, once I make that first hole in the wall it most surely wont be the last. I once stayed up until 2 AM hanging artwork. I crawled to bed thinking it looked great only to awake to indecision. I then changed the arrangements several more times, and to this day I'm not quite sure I'm in love with it.

The basic rules of picture hanging are:
  • Hang single pieces at eye level, generally 60-66" from the ground.
  • Hang larger pieces above a piece of furniture so the bottom edge is 6-8" above
  • To spare your walls, trace the frames on paper and cut out. Arrange the templates to your liking, then hang directly over the paper and pull off the paper.
  • For those that don't have the patience for the above (including myself), use the floor to layout and arrange your pieces.
  • for further tips click here

There are several different approaches to a layout. I love the salon-style, where the entire wall is utilized. It creates a free-flowing rhythm where just about anything goes. Its also, in my opinion , the hardest. This is all about composition; balancing size, shape and weight. Here are some great examples...

It gets a bit easier when you are working with a similar grouping of size and color...

Letters make for a whimsical display...

Then there is the big KaPOW! One large single image speaks volumes. Oh, and check out that chandelier, gorgeous!

Finally there is thinking inside the box, or grid. This is the easiest. It just takes a little math as far as where nail placement goes, but once you figure that out it is a piece of cake. Unified groupings like these make a big statement and look neat and clean.

Images from various issues of house beautiful, domino, Elle Decor, and Traditional Home

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Studio News said...

I had to laugh when I read this post! I am afraid I lay it out on the floor too. :)

Or when I'm hanging art for clients..I let them hold it until I say PERFECT!


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