The Living Room

Since starting this blog I have been going through my old binders of magazine clippings. Many of them were from when I was in design school and I saved everything at that point thinking I could somehow use it or learn something from it. Well I did. Looking at most of it now I realize I can safely toss most of it because a) the design was overly "safe" and boring or b) it was way too trendy. So I started cleaning them out and reorganizing, and along the way I pulled out some of my favorite Living Rooms (along with a couple newer ones). There is something in each picture that grabs my attention and I still have a fondness for.

This first one is my all time favorite. When I first saw Lulu de Kwiatkowski's apartment I was in love. I loved her bold eclectic vibe and strong use of colorful geometrics. I also loved that she started off as a Decorative Painter. That to me helped lighten the curse of the title that is always associated with "sponging". If you haven't seen her textile collection do check it out here.

Elle Decor

Classic Billy Baldwin

There is just something about a wall of bookshelves
that make a room so inviting.
house beautiful

Beach house clean and classic.
Coastal Living

God I love this, so crisp and punchy!
Mary Mc Donald

Nate Berkus' Living Room.
Great balance of graphic and traditional.

Eye Candy! Delicious!
Nanette Lepore's Living Room

Speaking of candy... I just love the playful use of color and scale.
It reminds me of gumdrops.

Lulu Guinness's Living Room

I had to add these two, even though I couldn't live with this much color for long.
I just love the turquoise and coral!
Both Elle Decor I believe...

Elle Decor


How fabulous is this light fixture and those striped chairs?
Elle Decor

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