Spring Fever

I know April showers bring May flowers, but I live in New England where spring is often a cruel joke played by Mother Nature. I can see the crocus and daffodils from my windows, but its just too damp and dreary to go out and enjoy. I talk to my sister in Philadelphia and get to hear about her warm wonderful walks and just become increasingly jealous of the folks just one zone south of me. Sorry, I don't mean to complain, but I have been housebound for way too long now. Between Boston's crummy weather and sick children my antsy Spring Fever is starting to show. So here is my Ode to Spring... please come soon... pretty please.

This shot makes me want to sew my curtains into some frocks and yodel.

A few places I wouldn't mind sipping a cocktail...

Images from Veranda, Elle Decor, Great Backyards and House Beautiful.
Sorry if I missed any, these were from my old binder of favs.

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