Just paint it!

Its raining, again, and I am housebound with a bunch of sick kids, so I have begun to scrutinize my surrounds. I am noticing all the things that need to be painted, furniture in particular. After meeting with a client yesterday and discussing the option of painting some of her pieces it got my wheels spinning. I have loads of furniture for my boy's bedroom and play area that will become my guinea pigs once the weather breaks and I get a chance to get outside.

I came across an interesting before and after in Ready Made yesterday and loved the ingenuity of the use of belts for drawer pulls.

It always amazes me what a coat of paint can do. So gather up your dingy, chipped, and outdated and give them a spring makeover. Change out the hardware, wallpaper a drawer front or add stripes or wall decals. The possibilities are endless. I'm attaching a how to paint furniture link for those new to the process. http://www.ehow.com/how_121_paint-wood-furniture.html Good Luck! Here is some inspiration...

Knack Studios does an amazing job transforming old pieces. Definitely check out their website, its loaded with beautiful things.

I love the chalk branch and those birds! So sweet and simple.

Always a sucker for turquoise.
The papered drawer fronts are fabulous!

Calm and simple Martha Stewart

If you lack artistic ability try wall decals.

Pottery Barn

Stripes are grand!


Hawthorne Hotel said...

You are doing a great job with your blog. Would love to see more 'professional insight' into these photos.

Thanks so much.


knack said...

thanks so much for posting my work here on your lovely blog! It is much appreciated! xo


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