Another take on the can converter

OK, so the recessed light conversion kit is all over the place. Ballard Designs is now selling their take on it(I actually saw a similar product on a couple of other sites as well)... The Instant Pendant Light Adapter. Its only $39.99, but they try to rope you into buying one of their drum shades to fit it. It limits you to a pendant fixture (unlike the Can Converter that lets you install any lighting fixture) and has a 48" cord that you can shorten by wrapping around the connecting piece. Their thing-a-ma-jig does look easier to install, supposedly you just screw it in (or it could be the picture of the person in their pressed pinstripe shirt) as opposed to the Can Converter which left me with a filthy potty mouth (but it does work & I'm happy), but who knows. Just another option folks. If anyone tries/tried this let me know what you think.

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