Doug Meyer, you are fabulous!

I had this image in my style file (I don't know why I have so many salons, maybe its because my hairdresser comes to my house so I need an imaginary escape) and didn't realize it was done by Doug Meyer until I started googling him, read on...

OK, I bought Met home for the chandelier picture AND Doug Meyer's spread. He is a genius whirlwind... artist, sculptor, painter, designer of outdoor furniture, rugs, and tile and interior designer. Lots of hats, I love that! And check out that fab wall (above) that he painted on his front porch.
Now, as you may have noticed I'm a bit preoccupied with porches/outdoor spaces lately. So it should come as no surprise that I'm loving these shots. I wish I could be this ballsy with color.

Ohhhhhh! I LOVE this!

His interiors are a wild mix of saturated color and texture, and a generous helping of vintage flair. I'd love to have two houses, one that was like this to escape to for a few days (its like visual "happy pills") and a home base that was white and serene.

(sorry for the torn pages, my enthusiasm got the best of me while scanning)

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