Recession Rug

So I've been in crafty mode all week. I love it when the mood strikes because I get so much done. I bought 6 woven 3x5' cotton mats (decent weight too) at IKEA last week ($4.99 each) and stitched them all together to make this rug for my boys playroom. It roughly measures 9x10 and was less than $30! Great, especially because they trash rugs like nobody's business. (I reinforced the back of the seams with carpet tape for added strength.) The only problem I encountered was that one mat was a bit smaller so it makes the rug a bit woggety on one side, so check your rug sizes before purchasing.

Finished! It will never look this clean again.

P.S. The name of these mats are SVEJE, couldn't find them on the website, but there were tons in the store. Colors were navy, black, orange and kelly green.


My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Looks great Danika!! I love navy and white stripes.

cindy said...

very nice job!


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