Trend Tile

My head is spinning and my eyes actually hurt after looking at all the patterns of mosaic tile Trend USA has to offer, but my... what fun would they be to work with. They have two new lines, Trend Feel (their 3/4" glass square mosaic tile but greener) and Trend Q (think terrazzo but flexible at roughly a 1/4" thick in sheets) , that are made from 80% post consumer glass. The mosaics start around $10 a square foot... not bad... and come in an insane amount of patterns and colors... check them all out here.

Here's a sampling...

This would look fabulous on my kitchen back splash or on a bathroom floor. I want!

I also want these sputnik/snowflake light fixtures!


Trend Q -comes in max 24" x 118" sheets and can be used for nearly any surface, even counter tops.



Wow, how fantastic is that floor in the last photo? Looking at intricate patterns for a long time always make me feel cross eyed! But you've picked some great ones here. The 6th one is my favorite.

JoAnn Locktov said...

Trend Q (used for that floor in the last photo) is so thin it can be cut into fantastic shapes with a waterjet saw. Thank you so much for this post Danika!
JoAnn from Trend USA

Bromeliad said...

IKEA has a new pendant light similar to the snowflake one.


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