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I came across this image while browsing through Wisteria and suddenly had a longing for a worn, beachy casual interior. I want to strip my wood furniture and sew linen slipcovers! Don't get me wrong, I still love a hefty punch of color and a dose of lacquer, but I do have design schizophrenia. I need two separate houses! OK, so here are a few things I found for my "other" house...

You can probably replicate this oyster mirror
with a glue gun, a bottle of wine (optional) and a good day at the beach.

Love these Suzani pillows, (also in orange in first pic)

Great lines, check out what Stacey Costello did with this piece here.

Love these three colors together.

Sorry, I have benches & consoles on the brain...
been trying to find something that fits my entry.

Classic and nostalgic.

For a punch of sparkle.

These are braid jute rugs are pretty reasonable (under $140) from Ballard

I have posted this big lovely before, but now its on sale for $249!

This chair with a pillow or two.

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This is one of the reasons I'm looking for a weekend house! I'm totally schizo with my design and I can only mix so many styles in one house. So I need another! I love all the chairs you've shown here too.


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