A girl after my own heart!

I stumbled upon Dayka Robinson's blog Life + Style and went all gaga when I saw her painted lamps. As many of you know I don't hide my lighting fetish well, and I especially love reworked vintage... the crappier the befores the better the afters (in most cases). Add my other favorite thing to do, paint anything and everything, and you have found the key to my heart. OK, that sounds really pathetic. Anyhow, these just go to show you what fabulous vision she has.
Check em...

gold and glam after


You can't go wrong with high gloss white.

What a great score! I would have loved to see the room he originally came from!
Now run to your local thrift shop and get some paint!


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

Hey Danika!

Thanks so much for the feature! I have a few more projects in the works, so check back soon!
And your painting skills are ridiculous--i can't believe that floor!

A Perfect Gray said...

wow! that owl looks great!


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