Kicking myself

OK, I'm going to shut my yap about Flea Market season right after I finish this post.  Here is what you missed if you didn't get to the annual opening of Todd's Farm Fleamarket in Rowley, MA this Sunday.  We got there late (9:30 because my husband HAD to go running... Geesh!  Where was his head at?)  Here is a sampling of what I wish I bought.  Kick, kick, kick.  I only left with an old globe for $10. (I was feeling cheap at the time, and thought I really couldn't fit another chair into my house.  Where was MY head  at?)
How great are these?  The dealer looked like Santa and wanted $50 for both.  It really was like Christmas.
Loved the yellow bamboo armoire. Already sold by the time I got there.

Great table for $45!  I'm liking the chandy too.

These 60's war-era posters were very cool. Was thinking of framing these for my son's room, but at $75,  cheapness reared its head.  The guy was all set with haggling too.

So wish I bought these 6 chairs, $50 for all, deal of the day.  Would look so great with new fabric, and they were throwing a table in with the deal.

And some more cool chairs and stuff...
Next time, NEXT TIME!
OK, I'm done.


micah @ the yellow front door said...

how fun! love that yellow cabinet!

blydesign said...

Holy Cow! Great finds! I know that feeling of wanting it all and having to walk away :(

As you time!

Marina at Shabby Whites said...

Looks like great fun. I love a good flea market. Maybe the next market your hubby can run over and meet you there so you can get there early ;-)


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