Inexpensive Meaningful Artwork

You can kind of see where I'm heading can't you?  I am blessed with two left handed doodlers.  I encourage it, as you can see with Joe and my day planner.  It makes my husband a little mental (sometimes the couch cushions get involved) but  it also makes for some wonderful artwork.  If you have kids, you have a huge resource for inspiration for your walls.  Kids + IKEA frames = great inexpensive artwork.

I try to mix some in with each grouping... Pumpkins by Thomas.

And I also am lucky to have artists in the family...
My sister-in-law Jill Herrick-Lee's encaustic with watercolors from my boys and a painting from my Grandma.  All are special and have so much personal meaning, especially since my Grandma is no longer here.

These were my oldest's first real doodles. He did them on a C2 paint chip I had lying around and a sharpie that (oops) was left out.  I've gotten better about that!

You can also find inspiration from old advertisements.  These were old marketing material for a print company I found and thought they were great for a boys room.  Once again IKEA frames to the rescue and I had a bunch of artwork for less than $10.

You can also pull such great color combinations from kid's artwork.  They have no inhibitions or rules about putting colors together and that can really help you break out of the box sometimes...

I got a lot of inspiration lately from the pinks and greens in these pieces when I put together this grouping for my living room.

I just love the details of their work... big teeth, crazy hair, over-sized jewelery...
 Its brutally honest and right on.

I mean, when else can you receive a portrait of yourself in which you look like a Picasso figure and feel beautiful? 


Jessica Davis said...

I LOVE The portrait!

bluehydrangea said...

Perfect!! Is there anything better than art with meaning? I save my kid's art work but don't display as much as I should!!


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