Kinda in Blogland Hell

I have problems people. Ever since I bought a Droid and attempted blogging from it my blog is totally screwed up. I haven't been able to fix it either. I can only post from the old editor and even that is difficult because everything is in code. It is looking like I just might have to sadly scrap my blog and start fresh.
I am attempting a post, and it has taken me a while just to get to this point. I have so many updates to share with you, so I am a bit frustrated. If this has happened to anyone before and you managed to fix it PLEASE email me.

I have been going through my old pictures and came across pictures of our house from last summer before we bought it. I didn't want to post much new stuff until I was done, but these pictures made me feel much better about our progress. It is amazing what paint can do. Our house was SOOOOOO DARK before. We also ripped out all the old overgrown landscaping and started fresh (very glad because it was a spider farm before.)

We are still in the process of landscaping and adding a driveway to the side of the house so excuse the mess. There will also eventually be new windows and some changes to the roof.

P.S.- I bought the PS Maskros light and will be installing (myself) today or tomorrow. Hopefully I will live to tell.


bluehydrangea said...

I love a before and after!1 what a difference, it looks so much happier! Sorry about your computer issues. I'll cross my fingers you get them worked out.

Jessica Davis said...

Hi Danika - I'm not sure that I can help you fix your blog but I'm impressed if you were able to get that far posting in code. I know nothing about that. I'm trying to make the body of my blog wider and can't seem to do it. The new editor has a place where you can adjust the width but apparently you can't do that if you customize the template. ugh.

Theresa Cheek said...

The difference is night and day with the paint! So much better now. It has a completely different feel with the airy drapes and hanging baskets. I just love it!


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