What I'm Obsessing Over Today

I think I could use this title weekly.
Oh wait, I'm only posting like once a week anyway.  Getting back on the horse is tough!  OK, enough whining... so while at this week's trip to the Boston Design Center I found myself entranced
with these Vaughan lamps at Webster & Co.
The lamps are great, but the blue shades are what make them killer.
 See below...

Boring but practical white shade. They almost look like they are naked!  "Hello tighty whities."

Now I could digress on the magic of a colored or patterned lampshade and go into photo montage land, but its been done many times and much better than I could do at this hour. Instead I'm going to babble a bit about how much I am in love with this shade of blue.  Mid toned, not nearly navy, not too baby blue, a touch of periwinkle, but not too much to make it cute.  Love it.  I found a bunch of displays that day using it, Ralph Lauren's was stunning with lots of black and white, but my picture is so blurred.  Kravet had this going on...

A little deeper, more predictable, crisp and clean nautical. 
So now I am smitten with yet another color, trying to figure out in all my spare time how to incorporate it into my life with out having to completely redecorate.  I'm sure by the time I do I will have found a new color to lust over.



love the mirrored dresser!

Butterz said...

I'm loving the mirrored dresser as well! what would the name of that be or who sell's it!


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