One of my favorite money saving resources...

I love to shop, but I love saving money or finding a bargain even more.  I have a bit of frugal yankee in me. 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Ebates, the site "where it pays to shop online".  You pick a store you want to shop at, go to it via Ebates, purchase your stuff and BAM in a couple weeks there is a check in your mailbox for whatever percentage Ebates pays to shop there (ex. Overstock is 5% on Home & Garden, Ballard is 4%, and is 21%).  The latter is my favorite since I have a bad magazine addiction.  There are over 1200 stores to choose from too.  Its like free money.  The nice thing is they pay quarterly so you get a "big fat check".  I once used Overstock and a few other sites to buy some big items to stage a model home and got a check for over $200 back.  
So I am sharing this link to sign up and stimulate the economy. They also give you $5 for signing up:

Check it out.
Now go spend wildly and thank me later when your check comes!

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Fran said...

Do I live under a rock?? Never heard of this....omg, I"m definitely signing up!


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