Worst Design EVER!!!!!

This is completely unrelated to interior design, I'm talking fashion people. Yes blogging can lead to extra pounds, sitting around at a computer. Who needs old skinny jeans or fond memories of your pre-prego body for incentive when you can wear pajama jeans! Why have I been jogging and working my ass off for the past month? I can just squeeze my bottom into these AND sleep in them too. Perfect for those mornings I'm running late getting the kids out the door, no need to get dressed!

Seriously?  Can we get any fatter or lazier?  What is this world coming to!


Bromeliad said...

I'm with you. Big ewww.

Jessica Davis said...

OMG - but have you seen the jean diapers?

Saffronia Baldwin Interior Design said...

They probably have an elastic waist too!....ugh!


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