Not Blogging = Smaller Butt

I've been MIA this fall in Blogland, and my posts haven't been very decor inspired either. I'm sorry folks. I will be back, I just changed focus for a bit.  Since both my kids started school I have had this 2 hour window in the morning that I promised myself I would use to focus on me, me, me
(and some badly needed housework.)
So back in September I started going back to the gym and took up running.  Now, I have never been a runner.  I did track and field in 8th grade and wound up doing discus because I hated to run.  I would get this awful metallic taste in my mouth and felt like my beet-red head was about to explode every time I did it. 
This time I started slow, doing intervals and suddenly was able to run 3 miles with out stopping.  Feeling inspired I pirated into my husband's 1/2 marathon last month and got through 10 miles.  High on life I signed myself up for the OBX 1/2 marathon next week, while my husband runs the full one. 
I can't believe I'm saying this but I love running!  I actually get excited and look forward to a long run and the bonus is those last 10 lbs are finally budging.  Needless to say, I have been spending all my non-kid moments on running or clients and not on my blog or my own projects.  My office is a mess and I find myself avoiding it.  I will be back because blogging and creating things makes me happy, and I am starting to have withdrawals from spray paint and blue tape. Stay tuned!


Betsy Cruikshank said...

Wow, go Danika! I need to get moving myself. Good luck at the marathon! We love the Outer Banks and I bet it's great this time of year.


Kendall said...

i've been training for the philadelphia half marathon at the end of november... i agree with you that running is so rewarding.
good luck and congratulations!

Bromeliad said...

Go for it. My butt was much smaller before I started blogging.

(Don't you think they should invent a treadmill that lets you blog while running? Just think of the miles you'd cover. )


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