Freaking Brilliance

Who doesn't love money? How about a giant 4' dollar bill? I am in love with this idea! Just think about all the awesome random things you could super size.  Super stylish and talented Christina from Full House did this in her guest room, and she circled the "In God We Trust" with red ink.  Check more here.
Next up, you have to check out Amber Interiors. The girl has TALENT, and her blog is entertaining and beautiful.  Yesterday she posted her bedroom styled three ways.  They are all great, and it is such a good example of how some simple accessories change the whole feel of a room. Which is your favorite?

 Please note the above dresser.

The dresser in the first picture she MADE! See...

Find out how she MADE it here and be sure to follow her new blog. Its GOOD!

Have a great weekend! I'm off to paint stuff. XO

OH! P.S.

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lisaroy said...

I love the super-size art! I saw a giant Canadian stamp once that was stunning!
Love the styling in that bedroom - I'll have to check out her blog. thanks for the heads up! :)

lemondropdreams said...

Found you over at Parlour...Love the huge bill, I tried to google the artist but I can't find one like that!

Full House said...

Ah you returned the blog love. Does that mean we are new blog friends;-)

Have a great weekend!

jandjhome said...

I love each of those rooms. I'm working on my room now and inspiration is always nice. I've had you bookmarked on my phone since the summer and hadn't been checking. I just found out today you were back to blogging. I will follow you to not lose you again. Have a great week.


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