My Mullet House

I've decided to take inspiration from the mullet haircut for the next stage in designing my house. Its the only plan that makes sense, and frankly I have design schizophrenia. In keeping with the motto of "business in the front, party in the back" I will be making it "business outside, party inside". 

 We've slowly be renovating our 1960's ranch and have been inching the exterior towards more of a coastal New England beach house. We also live in a coastal New England beach town so we will kind of blend in a bit more, not look like the Brady's.  Here is the before in all its retro awesomeness...

We have since painted it, ripped out all the overgrown landscaping and replaced that big slab of a garage door with this more traditional looking one.

 Next up is to replace the casement windows with double hungs. They will have a similar feel to the garage door. So basically all traditional and neutral on the outside. Nice and safe.
 I have to let my freak flag fly somewhere and that is what the inside is for. I need color, pattern, vintage!  I have been planning and designing my bedroom and guestroom and I am unable to restrain myself. I'm trying hard to keep the inside from looking like a Crayola box. I've started designing the guestroom. Here are my inspiration pictures...

Florence Broadhurst

I'm thinking blues, whites, pinks and reds. Strong geometrics and a dose of floral. Lacquer and of course a kick ass light fixture.  Stay tuned, my niece is coming tonight (she stays in that room so I need her opinion) and I hope to start this weekend and have something to show you soon.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of traditional meets funky, I really cannot wait for the launch of online Trad Home in May!

P.S. Alkaseltzer is still in effect.


Katy said...

I love ranch homes! Good luck with the reno. I will def stay updated. Love your blog!

xo Katy

Carolyn said...

I love your garage door! What brand is it? Did you custom design it?


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