Get Ready-Spring Bulb Containers

I am crossing my fingers that the next two days of 50 degree weather will melt the remaining patches of snow on the ground.  I can't wait to see what pops up from my fall bulb planting session. I am hoping for the above, but if I recall my A.D.D. was in high gear am I hopped around somewhat aimlessly. Maybe I will magically get this...

but realistically this might be it...
In case the inevitable happens, I am getting prepared. I am digging out my containers. Even if I do get major garden splendor, I have a flat yard so containers are my best friend to add height and punches of colors on the porches.
Home centers are great resources for inexpensive pots of pre-chilled bulbs that can be transplanted and mixed with pansies, vinca, creeping phlox and other annuals that do well in cool temperatures. I love adding branches or pussy willow into the containers for added height. Check here for some great container ideas.

When planting containers, you can layer bulbs, planting the larger ones deeper and the smaller ones above (leaving spaces in between). If you are using pre-sprouted bulbs, make sure you choose ones with tight buds. You usually need to keep clusters together when replanting if they are well established. Add in your annuals and branches and voila! Instant spring garden in a pot. 
You can also pre-chill your own bulbs in the fridge (mental note for next year) for 8-10 weeks, and then plant in pots. I have wanted to do this every year, and have forgotten. You can plant in February, keep in the garage and pull them out to bloom just in time for spring. You can also get a greater variety this way.
I am so excited to garden again. Its been a brutal winter, and it only makes the warmer weather that much sweeter.  How about you. What are your spring gardening plans?

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Hyphen Interiors said...

Beautiful photos! Last year, we had finished up fixing up a neglected yard after moving in and got to enjoy planting new things. This year, we were hit with three unexpected freezes (hot climate here) and now, we are trimming plants severely hoping they survive... So, I think our plans are just survival and pulling up some plants entirely as they didn't make it... and putting some in their place. Not as fun, but it has to be done. Enjoy your gardening!!


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