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There are so many great transformations happening in blogland! I wanted to share a few that blew me away recently. Have you seen these chinoiserie painted walls that Heidi did? You need to hop over to
 A Thousand Laughing Starfish. She even gives a tutorial. Save yourself over 10K on DeGournay paper and paint it yourself.

She has mad DIY skills, check out the walls and headboard in another one of her posts.

Next up is the hilarious Bri over at Me, you and a wiener. She has already wooed us with her hacking skills on that IKEA greek key dresser, now she cut tons of tiny gold wiener dogs (how I have no idea) and decaled her son's room. Check it out! I love this,
and if she actually cut them by hand I worship her.

And then there is Ange from Chair Up.  There have been so many good uses of drop clothes lately, and this one I love. She reupholstered a $5 headboard in one and then painted it.  Love the natural linen look of it. See...
This one really got me going because I started imagining all the things you could paint on it...Chinoiserie Wieners anyone?  Great work ladies, thanks for the inspiration! Now go check their skills out!
Have a great day!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I was going to paint the gold wieners on the wall but my hubby wasn't feeling it so I made a stencil drew it on some cheap peel-able wallpaper and cut them out then spray painted them gold. I know I'm nuts who spray paints wallpaper. bri does. Thanks for the blog love!!!

Amber Interiors said...


SAMANTHA said...

omg, i love the wiener wall!


Heidi said...

Thank you thank you for including me Danika! I've been loving Bri's weiner wall. Chair Up is new to me and looks like it'd be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing :)


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